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I have never been in love with black shoes. That is, plain black shoes. But I love an oxford that has a black calf/black suede combination. Something about it is infinitely more appealing than its more subtle cousin, the all black calf shoe. Bespoke shoemaker, Stephane Jimenez, hailing from France, proves this to us with one of his latest bespoke creations.

This shoe is easily one of the more handsome black calf oxfords that I have ever seen. At heart it is a simple balmoral oxford. But up close it is a very carefully thought out pattern and design, that leaves one who appreciates beauty nothing shy of being in awe.

It may seem so trivial but the stitch on the facing is one of the more intriguing that I have ever seen. That stitch is nearly always the same and even the variations of it are usally quite similar as well but this one is unlike any other thay I have seen, giving the function that is needed for its presence but making it so much more appealing that the consistently similar variationnthat every other oxford has.

And if you start to pay attention to Stephane Jimenez shoes more often you will notice that he often does subtle design chages like this that truly set apart his classic bespoke creations!

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