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John Lobb beauties!

The sun is out and I could not be happier. It was a long, cold, dark winter here in London and some consistent sun has been much needed. Although I am not entirely sure that consistency is guaranteed here in Sunny ‘Ol. That being, it’s time to break out your light shoes as well as your good ones that you were worried about getting wet. Just today I went a bit flash and broke out the pink socks and burgundy loafers (see below). I always like breaking out the pink socks as you get such a mixture of stares, one being ‘nice socks man,’ and the other being ‘what a douche!’ Oh well, I welcome them all! On that note, it was funny how popular yesterday’s post was. I have not had a post that popular since forever. I guess people like a bit of controversy. It’s like my dad always told me, ‘look at Howard Stern, he acts provocatively and the people that hate him keep coming back, more so than the people that love him.’ Funny how we are as people….

I hope that everyone has a nice long Easter Weekend!

I want to give a few shout outs so if you are not into when I do this, please feel free to stop reading here.

First one goes out to some friends of mine here in London that are a few young chaps that are trying to start their own magazine. They are great guys with a lot of potential so if anyone feels like spreading the love, please see their Kickstarter page here (below):

Another shout out is to a fellow blogger who actually writes a shoe blog, called Claymoor’s List. If you have not seen it, well you should. He has a great list of interviews that will keep you busy for a few days!

The last note is a piece written by Gentleman’s Gazette on the Oxford shoe model. If you want to learn more, check this out.

And that is all my friends…..OH YEAH, I am off to my yearly Easter trip to Italy tomorrow morning so I will be away and hopefully not looking at my computer. Emails (and the blog) will thus be taking a back seat as I hopefully get to enjoy some much needed and deserved time away. And if you buy something off one of the sites, from after 1pm Thursday, it will not get shipped out until Tuesday the 22nd.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


1 thought on “Spring Time is Here – Get Your Good Shoes out!”

  1. Oh yes. I’ve already started to work in some of my lighter shades in footwear, and look forward to the arrival of my first pair of spectators. We endured a difficult winter as well. I will celebrate Spring fully!

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