For some, this post has been a long time coming. And truth be told, it’s been a while since I needed to write about these two brands, that ultimately fall under one umbrella. Many wondered why I never wrote about them in the beginning, when Sons of Henrey first launched, and I feel it best to set the record straight once and for all. When Sons of Henrey first came out, if I recall correctly, they had like 3 or 4 models, all very classic, and truth be told, looked to me like everything else out there. There was a split toe derby that looked like EG’s Dover, a plain cap toe monkstrap, a chukka boot and I believe one other common model. Not being a fan of split toe derbies, the monk not having any unique qualities, and well a chukka being a chukka, there was really nothing for me to write about except yet another new brand out of Spain (made in Spain but not Spanish). So I made a calculated decision to wait and give them time as I knew it was only the beginning for them and that soon great things would most likely come. And so they now have.

On a side note, and not an excuse but just a reality, 2018 (the year they launched) was also very difficult for me as I had moved from London to NYC and pretty much built my business from the ground all by myself here in NYC. That was the start of my blog taking a bit of a fall as my main worry at that time was keeping my business alive and thus my family fed. So, many factors played into the extreme delay of this post. But here we are.

As time went on SofH expanded its collection, although still very small in reality, but made a focus on keeping the models tight (in quantity) but specializing in offering unique leathers on the MTO side of things. On top of that, they partnered with a well-respected shoemaker out of China, Xibao, and created the range Oct. Tenth, where I feel their strengths really lie and ultimately what caught my eye and reminded me to write about them. Truth be told, again, as for the SofH line, it’s really not for me. I appreciate the simple, classic models, but never have I cared about Kudu leather and all of the other exotics grain-like leathers that have this shoe nerd cult following. Therefore, it never really grabbed me. The Oct. Tenth line, on the other hand, is right up my alley. A handwelted line (but look fully handmade) with sharp lasts, unique designs, and bold colors on deck, it spoke my language right away. And after looking at these pictures, I am sure all of you will understand why.

Both lines have solid shoes in terms of make, construction and pricing. The Sons of Henrey line offers you classic Goodyear welted shoes with closed channel soles and clean construction. The production of these comes out of Spain. They are priced very reasonably too. The website shows you an EU price with VAT included so if you are out of the EU, you can deduct 20% from that listed price, which makes them very appealing. The Oct. Tenth line is only by order but makes everything quite simple to order a standard make up. Anything more complex probably requires an email. For handwelted shoes (that look 100% handmade to me) the pricing is also very reasonable. Xibao shoemaker has been making shoes for quite a while now and I have always liked what I saw of the designs and skills. So, you cannot go wrong there. I have yet to hear anything bad of these brands and considering how quickly be built a style forum thread of 600 pages, I must say that the Customer Service must be top-notch to gain that cult following so quickly.

As they have survived the worst of it (i.e. their first year and then the last two years), I can only imagine that things will continue to go well for them as they expand both lines. I can only hope that the Sons of Henrey line expands their designs and I know that the Oct. Tenth stuff will continue to push the envelope and will be curious to see all of the cool things that will come from that. Definitely check them out at the link provided below.

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4 thoughts on “Sons of Henrey x Oct. Tenth”

  1. Hi,
    While there shoes look great, they have an extremely slow delivery and customer service, have ordered shoes from them in April, and till date still waiting for them.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that you get them soon. I know there have been a lot of issues with products coming out of China due to the lockdowns there.

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