Men’s Shoes:

One can always count on Ferragamo to make a beautiful red shoe. I wonder if red was Salvatore’s favorite color because the company never seems to shy away from adding a pair to their men’s collection if not once a year then a minimum of once ever two years. And while that may not seem like a lot, some shoe companies never add a pair of red shoes to any of their collections. The funny thing about getting this picture was the fact that one of my friends took it for me and then sent it to me, knowing that I would appreciate it. When he was taking the picture, one of the workers of the shop tried to scold him, saying that they don’t let people take pictures for the fear that someone might copy their models. PLEASE!!! I wish that I would have been there to witness that. First off, this would not be such a hard idea for anybody to come up with and second, anybody who actually wanted to rip them off would have no problem doing it since their shoes are so readily available, whether it be in person or on the net. I just found it hilarious that one would act in such a way. Regardless, this pair defines the essence of elegance and appeal and I am grateful to my friend who thought of me, knowing that I would appreciate such a fine piece of art.

Women’s Shoes:

I have to say, that when it comes to women’s shoes, Christian Louboutin just seems to always nail it on the head. His designs are hardly ever shy of spectacular, the shapes are always very sleek and sexy and the look always appeals to the eye! Apart of their fall/winter 2010 collection, this knee high flannel boot is a delight that I am sure that many women of all ages are dying to get their hands on, if not for their $1600 price tag. One can only imagine how long it would take to put these on considering the 25 buttons they have per boot, totaling 50 per pair. Patience would indeed be a virtue for enduring the pleasure of owning these! A sacrifice I am sure that 90% of women would gladly adhere to.

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