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I have really gotten into penny loafers lately, and have been desperately wanting to get a ‘classic’ pair. But the only problem is that I am extremely picky when it comes to the right penny loafer and having a shape that is dead-on to what I like. I am definitely not a fan of the old-school models of penny loafers, such as the classic Bass Weejun or Cole Haan Pinch Penny, those to me should be abolished or strictly used as part of the uniform dressing at preppy ivy-league schools in the States. They are just so outdated to me. This pair, on the other hand, is exactly what I like and want! It has all of the perfect qualities: it’s classic looking, elongated in just the right amount, tapered, and has not only a unique tongue but a different shaped ‘penny’ slit. For those that have not caught on from prior posts, Septieme Largeur, is a sub-brand of Markowski, specialized in shoes that have a hand-finished patina. And what is great about there model here, is that it would look good with the right suit, but also go great with a nice pair of jeans. It’s elongated, tapered look gives it an elegance that allows you to dress it up, but also dress it down, assuming that you pair it with the proper pieces! Versatility is key!

6 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Septieme Largeur”

  1. they look very similar to Berluti loafers (both their design & patina)……..anyhow they’re very versatile……….

  2. I love your posts, but here I am very sorry and think, here you got too far, Justin. You tried to make this simple, but it is not. First of all, I agree with you. Subjectively, I dislike people with bad shoes and think, my god, there is a solution to that problem if you really want to. There are many ways to get an nice pair of shoes. But, if you really think of our divers societies, you cannot expect everyone to wear nice shoes! Really! First of all, there are poor people. You mention that in the beginning, and than forget it. Man, I know poor people! They live their life, even very intelligent and writing articles, but they cannot afford to buy any kind of shoes, and if one day they have some very small money, they buy a pair of shoes for 40 Pounds. These I would not include in my dislike.
    Of course, there are those, that could buy a better pair and they simply find it “cool” and “stylish” to by such a damn pair of the kind on the left. Here in Germany many now have these shoes with a fissure parallel some centimetres above the sole – very ugly. These persons I do despise, in your sense, yes I do!
    I agree with your anger and your statement as far as I think, you should wear good shoes if you can afford it. I would also not generalise this: If much, much more man would wear better shoes, I could stand it better, that some don’t. But there are simply too many without any culture of shoes and beauty, here I agree.
    And last, a good shoe is never cheaper than a bad one. A good shoe nowadays costs so much money for the repairs, new soles means redouble the goodyear welting, and all other things, they are so expensive. My answer, since I found this out by counting the money aspect constantly, is: it is WORTH it. Yes, I want to spend money on shoes, as long as I can afford it. And I expect others to think and do so too!!!!

    1. Giorgio, I think that you left a comment on the wrong post, because there is nothing in this post that talks about all people should only be wearing expensive shoes, which is ridiculous anyway…of course I know that there are poor people who cannot afford expensive shoes….but then again those people probably don’t have a computer and read shoe blogs… must have gotten the wrong idea or something???

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