Shoes Of The Week – Imai Hiroki

Shoes Of The Week - Imai Hiroki
Imai Hiroki

When I usually discover something new and I like it, you can bet that for the first few weeks, you will see it several times on my blog, kind of bombarding you. But, hey, when you find gold, you flaunt it. So that takes me back to this Japanese shoe maker, Imai Hiroki, that I have most recently discovered, who I must say, just might make some of the most unique and daring shoes, THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. But I absolutely love them!!! His version of a double monk is amazing and I can’t quite recall if it is the first time that I have seen it done, but I must say, the way he contrasts the colors from the straps to the shoe, is genius. His style of shoemaking is so unlike most Japanese makers, who will generally have a certain feel and look about them. I would be willing to bet that the style that Imai creates comes from a background of studying shoemaking in France, as the resemblance to shape and his patina’s, strike me as French influenced. While I could be wrong, his work is breathtaking nonetheless!! Well, for me, this is shoe porn at it’s finest, so if you are like me, then enjoy and if not, sorry!

6 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Imai Hiroki”

  1. hi Justin, been following your blog maybe a month now, and it’s very informative. I want to design and make shoes, but talent and skill is still very raw at this point. this blog gives a lot of info I need to know about shoes.

  2. Hiroki’s use of texture in his shoes really sets him apart. Even the patina that he uses in his shoes plays on texture. I am glad you have been posting about him because they are so unique and must be seen!

  3. Eden Claire – Glad that you enjoy the blog and that I can be a source of information for you. Keep up at it and you will get there, it just takes passion and dedication.

    Nick McHenry – I agree with you completely there!! I see that you seem to have first hand experience with them, I wish that I could say the same. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  4. Patinas are THRILLING!!! Mr.Imai Hiroki is a Genius Master,as far as I can tell……The Black Monk Straps are Shoes of Dreams my friend,also The Red Brogues are Exquisite…..Justin,thank you for this article,I really enjoyed it………..

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