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As a lover of brogues, I must say that to this day I have not seen one that I like more than the Brummell, by Edward Green. Named after the well known dandy of the early 20th Century, Beau Brummell, this model of shoe, has taken the idea of the full brogue, but has altered it ever so subtly to create something that is not only unique, but in my opinion a lot more elegant, as it captures the curves of the last shape ever so much better. Late last year, Edward Green re-released this model as a mark of their 120th anniversary, only supplying the world with a selected amount. It makes me sad that this is not a model that you can just buy at any time, as for me, I would prefer it all day, everyday over the traditional full brogue. But I guess such is life and in fact makes this model that much more special…

While I am not sure about this, I am hoping that they will still make MTO requests for this shoe, because this will be the model that I will want to buy, when I am able to afford a pair. As I stated in my post, 3 Piece Suits & Edward Green’s, there are two things that I have been yearning for since I began to appreciate style, and as I am waiting for my MTM 3 piece suit to arrive, the only thing that is left, is a pair of Edward Green Brummell’s!

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