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How cool would it be if someone created a competition whereby every shoemaker in the world was to take one pattern (say this Brummel one for example) and make it to their interpretation to then be judged on by a panel of ‘shoe experts’? For me, that would be a fun project and would really bring out the idea of how different shoes from different countries possess their own aesthetic, and how that aesthetic ultimately alters the look of the shoes, even if its pattern was exactly the same as the next guy (or girl)…..Seeing these shoes here made by Tadeusz Januszkiewicz for a client whom asked him to recreate the Edward Green “Brummel” (below), made me think of this. It would probably be nearly impossible to actually get this competition off of the ground, without some heavy financial backing to offer the prize winners, but I reckon that a lot of great things would be created, and that it would be a great story to tell!! So for all you that read the blog that might be good event planners, let’s get this ball rolling 🙂

Picture Courtesy of Leffot

7 thoughts on “Tadeusz Januszkiewicz Rendition of EG Brummel”

  1. justin, wanted to ask your advise as i recently fell off my motorbike & needed some minor knee surgery. i usually wear goodyear welted shoes such as churches/c&J but wanted something softer to wear under a suit for a few weeks as i go back to work. any suggestions (cant stand wearing trainers under a suit)?


  2. Jan Kielman bespoke shoes are very fine and well made shoes. They’ve made for me couple of bespoke. I like the idea of making a pair based on EG. I’d like to see Jan Kielman improve on shoe painting, and coloring. they still follow the classic black/brown a bit too much.

  3. Tony – This is tough to say as I don’t really know the condition of your knee….there are however, loads of Crockett & Jones dress shoes made with rubber soles that would be acceptable under suit trousers. Other than this, maybe a really smart pair of driving loafers….

    Ike – Thanks for your input.


  4. Tony – if I might chip in:

    If you’re looking to have a more cushioned sole to soften the impact from walking, I fear the quality rubber soles might not be right for you either. Dainite is hard-wearing and waterproof, but soft it isn’t.

    If you want something that looks like a dress shoe, more or less, but feels like a pair of trainers, you could try something like Cole Haan’s “Air Madison” or even the more casual “Air Colton”. They’re not fantastic leather, but they look OK, and have a hidden Nike Air cushion inside the heel. The cheaper ones are about $200, and half that in the sales. Being American, they also have a decent range of sizes and width fittings. Might be a useful option for you – there are normally some clearance bargains on eBay too.


    As for you, young man, are you really suggesting that we copy the best shoes from your blog via internet MTM services from Poland? Look Mr Gaziano in the eye and tell him that!

    Seriously, though, it’s frustrating sometimes when you see a design or design element you like, on a shoe that only has a rubber sole when you want leather, or doesn’t come in purple alligator. Having people like Kielman (or, as per the correction above that I’m totally checking out right now, someone else), who is prepared to take measurements and pictures and try to make you something pseudo-bespoke for a reasonable price, is great. Incidentally, after some previous contact with Kielman, I’ve also found that their colours in calf leather are a little uninspiring. But they do seem like very professional people, and some of their MTM creations are insane.

  5. Oh, Tony: just one more thought – a crepe sole is more comfortable, depending on how informal you can be, and you’ll find a lot of them on this blog!

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