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It’s amazing that the hardest shoe to make, is the shoe that has the least amount of detail to it. And while I can’t really back that statement up with in-depth description of how it is done (since I am not entirely sure), I can say that the seamless wholecut is something that few people can create. This model here, by legendary bespoke maker Dimitri Gomez, is a perfect example of just how beautiful this design can be. To me, the wholecut (and especially seamless version) tells you a lot about the shoemaker. The reason being, is that when you take away all of the fluff (e.g. stitching, brogueing, detailing), all that you are left with is the shape of the last and how the leather sits on that shape. That little thing, will tell you just how well the pattern/last maker understands shape and proportion. A last can be designed a trillion ways, but only a few of them will make you say, “WOW!” And there is no better shoe than the seamless wholecut to make you see that. Needless to say, this model shown is simply flawless and I can tell you, while I have a nice burgundy wholecut already, I will commission one of these sometime in the future!!

5 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Dimitri Bottier Seamless Whole Cut”

  1. Anon – Unfortunately, you cannot find these in the States, and anyway, this model is bespoke, so the only way that you could get them would be to pay Mr. Gomez a visit. As far as cost goes, I am sorry but I could not tell you…as I don’t know. But I would venture to say around 2500-3000 Euros..


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