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You can never go wrong with a simple and beautiful burgundy shoe. And while this statement, in my mind, rings truer than true, it is still strange to me the lack of burgundy shoes that you will notice on the shelves of shoe stores/departments. It’s funny too, because the most simple design, which could be construed as boring, can also be the most elegant and beautiful, when it comes to a burgundy shoe. With black shoes, I prefer something a little more unique and different, maybe to separate the black from itself, if you know what I mean, so it is not just one continuation. But with a burgundy shoe, like this model here by Corthay, simpler is better. And in all honesty, I am not a huge fan of cap toes, but this model is amazing and I would wear it/buy it in a heartbeat. Imagine it with a navy or medium gray suit. Those combinations, to me, make more sense than paring them with a set of brown shoes, but where can you find a beautiful burgundy shoe under $800? I promise you that on my first collection, my burgundy wholecuts (pictured left) will be available for all of the burgundy lovers out there!!

Pictures Provided By: Leffot

5 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Corthay”

  1. Hiya Justin! Been on a bit of a shoe fast for various reasons for some months now, which was why I had to avoid the greatest source of temptation that was your site!!!

    Just wanna wish you all the best in London!


  2. I also love burgundy shoes. The only problem I have with them is that the colour is very subject to getting “lighter” where they crease (as often happens on the vamp). I don’t have that problem with black or most shades of brown shoes.

  3. Hi Justin

    Couldn’t agree more with your passion for burgundy shoes. Indeed, I find the entire spectrum of red-tones is hugely underrated.

    We have a comparatively high number of Bordeaux or Rosewood coloured shoes and while many visually like them, I find it takes some courage for many to actually go ahead and buy them – mainly because they are so rarely seen. But I do whole-heartedly agree with you that for navy and gray they are positively great and many times more interesting than brown, which itself is already a huge improvement over the ever-present black.

    As for the comment of red getting lighter in the creases: my experience says otherwise but I appreciate that every leather, tanning, dye, and polishing is different.

  4. Ben – Hey man, glad hear from you! No worries about being distant, I completely understand. Thanks for writing, as always. Take care.

    Anonymous – That is interesting. I can see what you mean, but that should not have to do with the color but rather the finish that was applied to the shoe or that the leather is not high quality.

    AFJ – Thank you sir! Glad that you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting.

    Reto – That’s so strange that people are so adverse or hesitant to wear them. In the States, burgundy used to be the most popular color in footwear when the cole haan pinch tassel ruled the market, but since then burgundy shoes have dropped in popularity. Strange…..they will come back though, i will try and make sure of that!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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