I don’t know what I love more, the actual picture (the outfit, socks, pants, shoes, the shot etc.) or just the shoes themselves? This has to be one of the coolest, if not, the coolest picture I have ever seen regarding shoes. The perfectly cropped pants, just enough to show those purple socks, paired with these shoes that almost look unreal, yet in reality, are perfect pieces of art with a patina to die for! While I do like Berluti, for their magnificent looks, I have to say that in person they always look a little frail to me, like I would be afraid to wear them for fear of truly ruining them, even though I prance around avoiding everything and anything that could harm my shoes: puddles, grass, dirt etc. Nevertheless, I do love this shoe and also love this picture and have to say that even though I probably wouldn’t wear the outfit he has on, I admire the fact that this person was wearing it!!

6 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week”

  1. A magnificent picture indeed. But I can totally relate to your feelings of being afraid to wear such a shoe.

    I’m not a huge fan of Berluti myself because mostly I don’t like their designs and I think the shoes are too expensive for what they are. In this case, however, the shoes look great. Apart from the rich colours, I like the one eyelet lacing and the knots at the end of the laces. Here this makes a much more interesting shoe than had it just been a whole-cut.

  2. The shoes you are looking at are only available only bespoke,in actuality they are more oxblood with a darker undertone contrast. Comfortable and easy to wear.There is certainly nothing precious about wearing them,as they make you feel elegant from head to toe.I have had the pants made to go with the shoes and pair them with socks bought from the Gammarelli,in Rome, a place where most of the Cardinals and Pope get their clothing made.The Blog is wonderful keep up the good work. In a few months I will send you some images of my experience with the Japanese master,who is making 4 pairs and some sandals.

  3. Reto – Too true, even though I love a whole-cut I do agree that this model is way more interesting and unique, which is what gives it so much appeal.

    Anonymous – Thanks for the compliments! I am glad that you enjoy the blog. But let me get this straight, are you the person in this picture? Compliments if you are for your outfit and these beautiful shoes and I would be more than happy to see the new bespoke shoes that you are having made.

    Benjy – That will be a site to see, you will definitely have to email me a picture when you do find them. When I finally finish my 6th shoe, I have an upper for the 7th (which is a cream/white colored full brogue) and am contemplating adding a purple sole and laces!! Can’t wait to finish them.

  4. Benjy – that would be super cool, but the upper is already made and the only way to actually achieve that would be to paint each hole individually which I will not try to attempt.


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