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When you look at and appreciate pieces of art, such as these boots, it comes as no surprise that Anthony Delos has just recently won ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’, which translates to ‘Best Artisan in France.’ The guy is simply a shoemaking genius! There are not enough of adjectives to describe the beauty and elegance of this boot. From ever little single detail of what looks like hand-stitched button holes, to the piped borders of the upper fabric, to the three different constructions, to the bevelled waist and the nailed outline of a rose on the heel. Simply amazing!! This is the beauty of bespoke, being able to create something in your mind, something that is unique, one of a kind, beautiful and timeless. If I could just make shoes all day, but not have to sell them, yet be able to pay all of my bills, I would be a happy guy. But unfortunately, life is not always so simple, so I will leave it up to the artists, such as Delos, to create beautiful shoes that should go down in history as works of art….

Original article and pictures at Parisian Gentleman, have a look!

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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Yes I am sure you can still acquiare them by contacting Berluti Bespoke department in Paris or London

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