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Picture Courtesy of Style Sage

I once did a post talking about how I felt that the brown full-brogue was the most versatile shoe there is and even though this shoe above, by Alfred Sargent, is not considered a “full-brogue,” it really makes me feel that my statement was bang-on, as I feel that I could wear this shoe with just about everything! Not only is everything that has to do with the design, like pattern, last shape and contrasted sole, but the color of the upper is absolutely exquisite. Out of the trillion shades of brown that there is, I really think that this is the best one that I have yet to see. It has a perfect blend between a mid-brown and a chocolate, being a bit dark but not so much so that it could be mistaken for black…..Gosh, it’s so hard being a shoe freak, especially one that is starting his own range, as it makes me feel that I will have to stick to wearing only my shoes, but that idea alone goes very much against the grain of my soul, as I will continue to yearn for other models…..ah what dilemmas! That being, as you may have gathered from it all, this shoe is lovely and is precisely the shoe that every man needs to complete his wardrobe: a dark brown brogue of sorts….

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Until Monday….

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

4 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Alfred Sargent”

  1. Hello Justin,

    I would like to know the name or Style of this Alfred Sargent shoe. I have to have a pair of these. Best looking Brown Brogue that i have seen! Can you help me order a pair?


  2. justin, that color is amazing. does alfred sargent have a name for it?

    also, how would one maintain that color over time assuming it will get scuffs and need an occasional polish?

  3. Thom – It’s called Antique Walnut but has only been used on MTO’s such as this one. To maintain the color, you will want to use a wax polish that is one shade lighter than the leather, as to bring out the undertones and not darken it. You will also need a good conditioner.


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