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Something about unique colored shoes just intrigues me. Probably because 90% of the time you tend to just see the same boring colors day in and day out and every blue moon you catch a glimpse of someone who happens to wear something outside of the boring spectrum and that person just seems to stand out like a sore thumb. I would love to see the owner of these shoes wearing these on the streets to see what kind of outfit he could create. Anyway, the shoes are by Pierre Corthay, from France, and are among some of the most unique colors combinations that I have seen.

7 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Day”

  1. Since starting to follow this blog, my mind has been sandblasted open to new ideas on wearing shoes. I've always loved collecting casual and formal shoes of different colors but never had the balls to wear them. I'm going through a shoe revolution right now.Thanks for bringing us such cool shoe info!

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