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All I have to say is Edward Green, WOW, and I am envious of the guy that owns these!!

6 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Day”

  1. Are these custom made? is that a suede top? These are a reason to wear cropped pants…. the problem for me would be that i wouldn't want to wear them not to ruin them….AMAZING!

  2. Calvin – No, unfortunately I am not making shoes for customers, still in the learning process by making shoes for myself. I will definitely keep you posted on when I will be skilled enough to take an order and make something that can have a price put to it.Boaz – Yes, they are a bespoke pair made for a customer of theirs and I do believe that it is a suede top. yea I would want to shoe the whole boot but would not want to tuck in my pants, kind of a dilemma but yes a cropped pant would at least help.

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