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Men’s Shoes

2010 has been the year of great collections, companies I normally don’t like actually putting out good product and also the year of more color. And that’s great!! One of those brands that I never really liked was J.Shoes. Yet, their new fall/winter season consists of a range of wingtip boots (pictured above and below), style called ‘Andrew,’ that I am particularly fond of. Hailing from Britain, J.Shoes used to be a brand know for their comfort slip-on, called ‘Tumble,’ that looked much like some sort of Native American moccasin which had a very unique hand stitch around one side of the shoe and ended on the opposite side of the toe box, but was just plain ugly. But now that the world of style is changing and you can no longer just be a brand known for one thing, companies like J Shoes need to get inventive to stay fresh. And this they did!! This new boot is very cool and unique and I imagine will be a huge success for the company.

Women’s Shoes

I swear, this season has marked the popularity of “the lace boot” for both men and women. This pair, owned by my friend and fellow blogger, LadyPeach, is the epitome of this season’s ‘new look.’ They appear strikingly similar to the famed pair, by Chloe’, that Garance Dore’ – the wife/partner/girlfriend or whatever of Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist – has made popular in her picture (shown below) from The Sartorialist’s blog. I quite enjoy this new trend of boot. Not only do they (lace boots) look good on a man and fit the general style of jean-wearing individuals but they also look darn sexy on a woman. For example, Ms. or Mrs. Dore’ below has taken something that I tend to hate (leather or leather-looking pants) and paired them so well with these boots – that have almost identical colored leather on the toe – and a great jacket thus creating a very chic look! I have to say, without those boots, this outfit would have been hard to make look great.

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