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Men’s Shoes:

Wow!!! Have you ever seen shoes like these?? Doubtful!! That’s one thing that I love about Japanese shoemakers as well as Japanese clientele, THEY HAVE NO FEAR IN WHAT THEY WEAR OR PRODUCE!! One time while I was studying under Stefano Bemer, I saw a pair that my colleagues were working on for one of Stefano’s male clients and it was a navy suede chukka boot with pink outlined stars all over it. It was insane. Now, I would never wear something like that but I can definitely appreciate the idea behind it and having something made for you that is unique and personal. That’s why I love this shoe by Saion. The fact that every, single part of the shoe (including the shoe trees) is the same color is absolutely amazing and the color itself is quite beautiful as well. I am always interested, if not impressed, by what I see the Japanese coming out with, in term of custom shoes. It makes me excited for the day that I go to Tokyo!!

Women’s Shoes:

While my passion very much lies in men’s shoes I tend to find myself admiring and critiquing women’s shoes just the same. Therefore, I figured I would start to incorporate some ladies’ shoes on my site as well. During my stint in the retail sector, I stumbled across this shoe, the ‘Bouffant’ by Stuart Weitzman, and immediately admired it’s design and wanted to get it on the feet of as many women as I could. I was able to sell it to three women and considering I worked in the men’s shoe department (which was on a different floor level), I found that to be pretty impressive when a size run usually consists of only 12-15 pairs. I don’t know what I loved about it, maybe it’s because I am a sucker for bows on ladies shoes or the fact that it’s upper was made out of wool. Whatever the case I found it to be very elegant and wanted to have women wearing it. It ended up becoming the most popular shoe in the department and sold out very quickly. Thus, my goal was realized! I have always been impressed with Stuart Weitzman’s designs and even though I feel like his target market is directed at wealthy women above 35, I believe that the right young woman with great personal style could make it appear as a younger brand!

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