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I love cool art, specifically shoe art. When I saw the picture above, of a pair of Edward Green shoes with an imagined red piping, I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. The colors and the fact that it looks real, but doesn’t at the same time was just so intriguing to me. It makes me wish that I had computer skills to do such things. Apparently it was done with Photoshop by manipulating an actual photograph (said the gentleman that did it). I did not realize that Photoshop was capable of such cool manipulation. But this is precisely why I have always wanted to have Photoshop. However I have heard that it costs an arm and a leg and I would probably waste a lot of time on it which is why I have yet to take the plunge. Not quite yet justifiable, but probably soon! Then on the other hand, is this piece of hand created art below. It is a pair of Saint Cripsins shoes drawn by a brilliant artist by the name of Sheng Yi Lee. The artistry is simply amazing and her skills uncanny. I wish that I had those capabilities! Either way, I really love seeing both of these types of work as they are so visually pleasing and admirable at the same time. If I had my own shop, I would gladly hang them both on the wall!

Sheng Yi Lee

10 thoughts on “Shoe/Picture Creativity”

  1. When looking at the top picture, which is lovely, it immediately struck me that the artist must be Swedish. I suppose it was the shoe trees from Skoaktiebolaget the bottle of Ramlösa sparkling water on the table that convinced me…

    1. In the SF thread he mentions wanting to get G&G because he already knows that EG wont do it….but this pic came originally from Instagram in which he states that they are EG…dont know the model name but he shows them in several pics as EG…

  2. As someone that uses PhotoShop professionally everyday, it is a great tool. It is amazing what can be done with even a blank page, and nothing but your digital tools & your skills. I think if you invested money (and learning time) in this program, it can only amplify your already terrific shoe pictures, etc. So, go for it Justin, i use it to mock-up my silly shoe MTO ideas.

    At first i thought the EG shoe piece was a simply color invert, but it definitely took plenty of layers and time to make this effect. The pencil pic is even more impressive to me. Aside from the mastery of his pencil technique, reflections are quite challenging in graphite mediums.

    Fantastic combinations of two things i also love, shoes & art, and a fantastic feature Justin…

  3. PhotoShop is great, if you are a professional designer. But there is a lot of really nice software for people like you and me that can take no skill at all and are very inexpensive, when compared with Photoshop.

    For instance, I did this with FX Photo Studio Pro (US$20) by choosing one option:

    And I did this with Acorn (US$30) which is like a Photoshop for the rest of us.

    Tools like Acorn do not have the power that Photoshop has but most of us who are not pro designers will ever have the time to learn all that Photoshop can do.

    Those tools are for Mac; there is similar software for Windows albeit not nearly as much as for Mac.

  4. The black patent number with the perfs and red trim is a beautiful shoe. I would definitely add it to my collection.

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