Some guys get a bit of money, buy themselves a nice car, a nice watch, a monstrous TV or some other expensive gadget, but like this guy, I would just buy myself a bunch of shoes and an amazing wardrobe to house them all. Seriously, to need a ladder just to reach the top shelf of your wardrobe is simply on another level. His ceilings must be at least 15-20ft high, which is simply something in itself. While most people may not even come close to achieving something of this nature, it sure is nice to dream about nonetheless, let alone just look at in envy! The only thing that disappoints me is the boring selection of shoes. While they all look to be very expensive (hence the Edward Green boxes above), there is nothing outside of a black or brown shoe (except maybe that suede chukka in the bottom left, which looks like it could be navy). There isn’t even a burgundy for crying out loud! Oh well, we can’t all be overly imaginative I guess….just know that if it was mine, there would be a few of these below in there!


Carmina – Green Cordovan….

Gaziano & Girling

Ivan Crivellaro

Septieme Largeur

13 thoughts on “Shoe Wardrobe Envy”

  1. Google tells me that the photo is from a store called Sid Mashburn, not a personal collection I guess.

    Could explain why the colours are so conservative!

  2. I come pretty close to this, just don’t quite have as much room. I keep my shoes in the boxes to conserve space. I’ll never have enough shoes!!

  3. Justin, still hoping to hear more about your take on Cheaney (your recent post “Herring + Alfred Sargent = 1966 Collection”)

  4. I kind of wonder, if I’m the only one person that owns 30+ pairs. I guess I’m in the minority. I think I have too many any way, thanks to eBay I reduces the number, till I find some new I really like. I’ve to admit mine aren’t organized so nice. This is too much like a store.
    BTW, WRT the style, mine is much more versatile. But no green, derby (i.e., two tone), and/or blue.

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