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Shoe Of The DayThese are brand new Edward Green shoes that just arrived at Leffot in NYC. I just saw his new post on these shoes and I was inspired!! You really don’t often see these two colors put together in the same shoe let alone the same outfit and yet these came out beautifully. It just goes to show what some people may think cannot be done, in actuality, can very much be done and done quite well!!! There are very few things in the shoe world more intriguing than a nice pair of two-tones and this pair above validates this statement!!

7 thoughts on “Shoe Of The Day”

  1. The color on the vamp and quarter of the shoe reminds me of an extraordinary pair of bespoken work of art in Lazlo Vass' great book, "Handmade Shoes for Men".It made such an impression on me as the leather was left undyed,in its original color. I wonder if mere RTW or even MTM offers this possibility?

  2. Hey I have a question, I have a pair of shoes where the inner sole appears to be permenantly installed in the wrong place, maybe a few cm's off, it feels a little funny when walking compared to the right shoe, which feels completely normal. As a shoe-maker, can you give me an average estimate on how much this should cost me to get fixed with a shoe-repair shop?THanks!

  3. Benjy – MTM maybe, RTW doubtful, however one time when i was working at Nordstrom, Andrea Santoni of Santoni came to our store and hand finished shoes for customers that were in their original undyed form, anything is possible when money is talking…Calvin – honestly that is very subjective to the repair shop but if they are able to salvage the original liner and just do the labor I would say 5 dollars or less and if they had to use a new liner, than 15 dollars or less depending on the generosity of the cobbler.

  4. Ah, rats. My credit card isn't very talkative at this moment. Be sure to include this option when you have your own boutique Justin!

  5. I brought my shoes in, he said he'd have to remove the liner and smoothen out whats under.cost- $15I'm ok with that.Another concern that I have, shoe/leather shops have been disappearing one by one (at least around my area) and my guy is a rather old gentleman. This seems to be a dying breed. I'm glad you are doing what you're doing and with such passion. Keep it up!

  6. Calvin – that sounds fair on the pricing, yes this trade is not glorified nor easily profitable but with the passion that i have maybe i can change that!

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