Trying to find a good looking “dress sneaker” is a tough thing to do. Although, the premium-leather sneaker idea is on the rise so now is the best time to find them. Every company is at least attempting to make a good contender. This one by John Lobb is pretty fantastic. It’s simplicity yet sleek design makes it a great candidate for something that you could wear with shorts, jeans, casual and slim-fitted dress trousers. It’s versatility is impressive as I am sure the price tag is too!! I love the color and the fact that it does not have any stitching around the toe area, giving it a very clean and sharp look. If only I could afford a pair, I would wear it with pride!!! Anyone else know of any good one’s???

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  1. IMHO, I have never seen the point of high end sneaks like Common Projects etc., in light of the fact that they are almost the same price as lace ups or loafers of fantastic quality. In terms of comfort, rubber soles hold up just as well.My sneaks never cost more than $100, and are made up of Sambas and Claes.I'm sure that these JLs cost upwards of $600, and are a bit too much for too little for my blood, akin to serving Wagyu beef in a Big Mac.

  2. Benjy – I understand your sentiments. Most of my sneakers also fall under that $100 range but every now and then I have to splurge on a Ferragamo or Gucci sneaker. But I agree, I would rather put that money towards a nice leather soled dress shoe 9 times out of 10.

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