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Just in case you can’t tell, that is green pebble grain on the left….beautiful!

The other day I was frequenting my favorite street, Jermyn St. (as I often do), seeing what the haps was on the latest and greatest. I walked by John Lobb’s shop and was blown away by what I was seeing in their window display. Not only was there red suede double monks, but even more unique and impressive was the deep green pebble grain, that just might have to now fend (within my mind) for coolest leather ever! I walked in, took a few more pics and asked what was going on with all of the William’s in fun & funky colors. They told me that at the current moment, they are offering a sort of MTO service on the William, where you can change the leather type and sole offering on the shoe, and boy do they have some unique options. Never have I really seen a green pebble of that nature, and it blew me away with its beauty (of course which my pics do not do justice to). But nonetheless, it is a nice service that they are offering and I can only wonder what leather goodies they have that I did not see…..










3 thoughts on “MTO John Lobb William – Brilliant!!”

  1. Glad to see the British shoemakers are emulating the Italian and French makers in offering colours and patination which they would not touch a few years ago.

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