This shoe, by Alfred Sargent, is simply amazing!!! I love the idea of purple suede and it’s not very often that you see a shoe made in this color. Could you imagine pairing that with some jeans or a gray suit? That would be a site to see. I myself have a pair of burgundy/purple velour loafers by Ferragamo (that I will show in another post) but the vibrancy of the color is nowhere near as vivid as these! For those that don’t know, Alfred Sargent is a very respectful shoe company that hails from England and was recently introduced into the American consumer market thanks to Leffot in New York City. I would say, go get yourself a pair of these but I know that purple is not the easiest color to pull off when it comes to shoes but if you ever find yourself with the spare money and see a shoe in purple that you like, BUY IT!!!! You will find that it goes with more than you think and you will receive lots of compliments, so long as you pull it off right!

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