Pierre Corthay, Courtesy of Parisian Gentleman

When I was younger, I used to always flip through GQ and Esquire magazines (back in the States) and wish that I could attend the events (that they love to display each month), where the cool of the cool within the style industry go to mix and mingle. Well, for the first time in my life, I was actually invited to one of those events. However, it was not one from a magazine host, but rather a collaboration between Corthay shoes, the magnificent Hugo Jacomet from Parisian Gentleman, and the Edmund de Rothschild Group. The night, albeit a celebration of both PG & Corthay, was in fact for the purpose of screening a short film, ‘La Beauté du Geste’, a film that followed the travels of Corthay’s Excellence Run, as well as a paid tribute to various artisans throughout Europe. And while I shall not spoil the film for those of you whom read this blog and just might be attending the following screenings, I will say that there were many beautiful things said, as well as shown.

Many other things were also happening at the event, one of which was the magnificent patina artist, Thomas, showing all in attendance, the magic that he creates. Having met him briefly the first time that I went to Paris, and again when the Corthay shop here in London opened, you can say that we have built a mutual respect for each other. But this respect almost ended when I saw his shoes (above left, orange) and felt that he was showing me up, The Shoe Snob!! Only kidding there, but needless to say, that respect grew even stronger when I saw him wearing something sold bold, yet so cool. Not even sure that I would have the courage to do that….you have to admire someone who has the courage to wear what they want and not be afraid of the backlash they might receive…..But what I admire most about Thomas, is the fact that he is only in his very early 20’s, has only been doing patina work for a few years, and in my opinion, is already a master! That’s impressive! Another feature was the new head shoemaker lasting up a new pair of shoes, shown below. He was quire impressive, his speed and how amazingly straight his hammering of the nails was whilst lasting over the upper.

Overall, the night was a good night, full of drinks (a bit too many!), good conversation, good networking, lovely shoes and most of all, good people. It was a pleasure to be invited and I hope to go to another event like this soon! I hope that you all have enjoyed the pictures and the post, and am sorry that it was not something a bit more informative or opinionated, like my usual Monday posts, but my mind is a bit spent these days and need to think of something fresh to talk about…..if you have any ideas, let me know…

Photo below: My business partner, Ngoni the man behind the scenes, and I….
Courtesy Of: Parisian Gentleman

5 thoughts on “A Shoe Night To Remember”

  1. I saw Hugo’s post the other day, and I saw the picture of you and Ngoni, but I totally didn’t recognize you! LOL.

    BTW, that was a nice suit — single breasted peak lapel, nice blue. How come you didn’t make a post “what I’m wearing” in that outfit?

  2. Hi Justin,
    The best use one could makeof Corthay’s shoes is in fact to wear them to attend such events as this one, parties, etc. So not just for the dandies!

  3. Dave – I am sure that you have seen my most recent post about ‘what i am wearing’, but to answer your question, I had just received the suit that day, and wore it to the event. So that was my first time with it.

    John – I would say that the best use of Corthay shoes, is to just wear them period, in order to show off their beauty…not only for events.


  4. Justin,I agree with you about wearing Corthay Shoes period,they’re ultra artisanal indeed…….as far as I’ve seen,Mr.Pierre Corthay is a true Grandmaster in the world of shoemaking…….Epic Article………

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