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Igor Suhenko
Discovering new shoemakers for me is like a kid discovering a new candy. Although I have known about Igor Suhenko for awhile now, I think that I have only shared his work once in the last few years so thought that I would revisit him. What I love about discovering shoemakers from countries outside of the stereotypical ones that we think of for most bespoke shoemakers is that they often have very different stylistic designs. For example, this non-functioning button shoe really caught my eye the first time I saw it. Although I always prefer functioning details, I love the look and design of this, particularly the combination of the long u-wing with the buttons and not to mention the elongated facing that reminds me of something out of 19th century France. There is a lot going on in this shoe above, and yet for me it all goes perfectly together and really sets itself apart. And that is the beauty of discovering new makers!

Igor Suhenko Igor Suhenko

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