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Septieme Largeur Goes Italian

I love it when a shoe company attempts a stereotypical design characteristic of another country. For example the chisel toe, which I believe to be historically English has been attempted by many other countries. I particularly love the way that the French shoemakers do a chisel. Not to take away from the English companies, but the French ones, to me, seem to add something to it that makes it more favorable in my eyes. That being what you see here is Septieme Largeur doing something that is predominantly shown on the shoes of Italian shoemakers. And that is the reverse stitch.

For those that don’t know the reverse stitch is created when the handsewn apron is done on the underside of the leather and what you thus see on the top side of the leather is the pulling of it from below. It’s quite a unique look that the Italians have mastered over the years. You don’t often see it being done by makers of other countries, but it would appear that SL is giving it a go. This is their first model to offer it, the Lapo, and while it is not yet available (launching in 2 weeks) it seems to already be in high demand (from what they tell me). So if you are interested in it, you should contact SL to place your reservation!

5 thoughts on “Septieme Largeur Goes Italian”

  1. Aha! Very nice Justin! I saw the samples when I was in Paris a few weeks back and I also put myself on the list; a very interesting model … Time will tell !

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