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Winter Boots


The supply-chain disruptions of the world continue to affect, apparently, as Septieme Largeur only recently acquired all of their AW collection, at nearly mid-Winter. There are some tasty Winter Boots this year and the delay could be that they appeared to have gone quite heavy in new models this season as I am noticing a lot of new stuff, while previous years were a bit more modest in size. A lot of models equals a lot of leather, which equals a lot of time to make them. Luckily for them, the Winter has been mild and Rugged Boots have not been needed as of late. Meaning they have not missed as much as in previous, colder years. But this will soon change as February is around the corner. So let’s take a look at what’s new!



The Hiking Boot


The Alpine-style is all the rage these days and it is quickly becoming a staple in every classic dress shoe company’s collection. All we need are a few more brands to do so to make it official ;-). Septieme Largeur’s version is quite sporty looking while also being a sleek yet functional winter boot. The subtle design difference of fewer d-rings hooks and more speed hooks is not something you might immediately see, but is a part of what differentiates their boots from the rest. Not to mention the heel counter design, giving it a sort of dress-boot silhouette. I love a good alpine boot. I especially love when they are done in a more sleek manner, such as these. Definitely a model worth watching!


Winter Boots


The Waxy Commander


A rising leather in the industry as workplaces and overall environments become more and more casual. The waxy commander style leather is the perfect style of leather for someone that wants to wear nice shoes/boots but does not have to worry about upkeep. There is no shining nor brushing nor any of that jazz. You just wear them and allow nature to take its toll. And the waxy commander leather will take it in stride while keeping you dry and looking smart in a rugged casual way. I can see this doing quite well for them.


Winter Boots


The Triple Buckle Boot New Colorway


They have added a new addition to their Tobar boot, in the more rugged offering of the black pebble grain. They normally kept this boot quite sleek with leather soles, patinas, and the like but now going full throttle on the rugged side of things with the commando sole and hard-wearing grain leather! For those that are dress boot fans, I can see this being a good option for them as a dress style with a rugged appeal, more practical for the harsh weather months.



The Longwing Brogue


Septieme Largeur has gone Americana with this longwing brogue. But, it is a casual model IMHO, and that is the ‘vibe’ these days. So, maybe it will be appealing for those that are looking for an alternative to the American brands that for me, don’t offer much refinement. While not a lover of this type of shoe, I do like the last on it, being neither pointy nor overly round. A very happy medium!

See more below too! And the link to grab your pair 😉

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Winter Boots Winter Boots Winter Boots

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