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Shoes by Hiro Yanagimachi

In a world with a lot of sartorial companies from the different industries i.e. shoes, clothing, suiting etc., it can be very challenging keeping up with the latest trunk shows in/around/or semi-near to your area. A couple people recently have made it easier for you to find out the whereabouts of your favorite shoemaker or bespoke suit maker by putting the information of many makers travels, all on one page/site. Those two people are Simon Crompton of Permanent Style, who just recently launched a dedicated page for uploading your trunk shows, and Sartorial Trips who are a new website that is dedicated to discovering where the next trunk show is happening from many different sectors of the style industry.

But even more interesting is that Sartorial Trips has created a page whereby you can vote to get a specific brand to come to a specific city which to me is quite ingenious. I mean, I could never realize that in Brussels I have lots of followers that would love to see my shoes (unless they were to all write me directly) and this page could show me that if 20 people voted for me to come to Brussels that it would be a good possibility of a successful trunk show. So I think that it is quite clever as it can be hard to quantify (for a brand) how much success they might have in a particular city without knowing how sought out they are in that city. And now they have the ability to at least get an idea. So let the voting begin!!

3 thoughts on “Sartorial Trips – Trunk Show Votes”

  1. Great information indeed, thanks. I knew Simon’s new section, but not the other one. Really excellent idea. Guess what I voted….

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