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Hugo Jacomet, of Parisian Gentleman, does the world a great service here by listing some of the top shoe brands the world has to offer. In his Sartorial Talks series, he gets on ‘The Best Shoe Brands in 2019’ and was so kind enough to reference myself, the blog, and my shoe brand. Thank you Hugo!!

If you haven’t heard of Hugo yet, which I probably doubt is the reality, then you must get to know his site and YouTube channel, Sartorial Talks. He shares a lot of information there that I am sure many of you will enjoy listening to.

And here, he helps me out by doing my job for me. I must get onto video!! Any videographers in NYC that want to build their portfolio by offering me some work in exchange for shoes and publicity 😉

Enjoy this video and its knowledge!

-Justin FitzPatrick

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