Saint Crispins x Drakes = Great Collaboration!

I just recently learned that Saint Crispins is now selling through Drake’s of London, in their shop on Clifford St. The only thing is that it is not the Saint Crispins that we all know it as. Instead, it is something much more interesting and that is the fact that not only is it a collaboration between those 2 great brands but also has a third party involved: the great Japanese bespoke shoemaker, Mr. Koji Suzuki. That being, even though Koji Suzuki primarily focuses on his own bespoke work, he apparently was a great admirer of the Saint Crispins brand, of which was a mutual admiration on their part as well and thus decided to collaborate by having Koji design the models while Saint Crispins made them up! Very cool!

That being, Mr. Phillip Carr of Saint Crispins will be at Drakes this Friday and Saturday (nov. 8th/9th) assisting in orders for those of whom would like to come down, see the shoes, try them on and even possibly get your very own. Prices for RTW and MTO alike are 1300 and if you want your last modified, it will usually cost AROUND 100 (will get an exact quote based on the amount of modification)….

Come one, come all! And maybe see you there.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Saint Crispins x Drakes = Great Collaboration! Saint Crispins x Drakes = Great Collaboration! Saint Crispins x Drakes = Great Collaboration!


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4 thoughts on “Saint Crispins x Drakes = Great Collaboration!”

  1. A very interesting collaboration – and those suede Chukkas are dreamy. I would love to own a pair of Saint Crispin’s one day. Their wholecuts, in particular, are something to behold.

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