Leather Slippers


Mes Chaussettes Rouges has recently come out with a new range of leather slippers in beautifully vivid and soft grain leather. So beautiful in fact, I am wondering how I get a hold of some for my own shoe line! Jokes aside, it is rare to find leather slippers these days and for the classic gentleman who simply cannot fathom wearing Ugg’s or the like, this looks like a happy solution. And I imagine that is why they have been so successful so quickly, with each model being halfway sold-out already. Let’s see if we can get the rest spoken for!

The collection is quite impressive, to be honest. They have velvet slippers, grain leather slippers, and even ‘sock-slippers.’ And both the velvet and leather have tassel options and plain toe options while the leather options have a few mule styles. While the mule style has never really appealed to me, I do very much like the burgundy one. That is quite a vivid color. And while wearing slippers is really for oneself’ it never hurts to go bold, especially if you are the type to wear custom pyjamas and/or double-breasted robes.

Being ‘The so-called Shoe Snob’ I am not afraid to admit that I probably own around 10 pairs of slippers/house shoes but truth be told i do not own a pair of leather ones. But I have always wanted a pair. The thing is that every time I am in the market they are sold out of my size! So hurry fast to not share the same fate as me.

Learn more: www.meschaussettesrouges.com

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Leather slippers Leather slippers Leather slippers Leather slippers

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