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Today, for the first time, I do something different on The Shoe Snob Blog and review a shirt, specifically the new Polo Shirt by Yeossal.

I was actually quite surprised when they asked me to review this, as they are not shoes, but am super glad that they did as it has become my absolute favorite shirt in my wardrobe (and truth be told, I have like 50 shirts, so that is saying a lot!).

Ever since this polo shirt craze came into the menswear scene I have fallen in love with them. Particularly because in reality I simply don’t wear my ties anymore and for me, these are the perfect ‘no tie’ wearing shirts. The first wave of traditional polo shirts came with 2 or 3 buttons. But this new model only comes with one and a long sweeping like collar that naturally flays outward to be just that, a ‘no tie’ wearing shirt. So naturally, it became my favorite as soon as I saw it and even more so as soon as I put it on.

So now let’s break down the aspects of the shirt as that is what you will all want to know, in essence.


The strange thing is that it fit me perfectly out of the bag, for a RTW product. And that is quite strange as I have a long torso and shorter arms (not short, but not long). Sleeve length is usually always an issue for me and I almost always have to get them shortened when buying stock shirts (or maybe that is simply because they are cutting them too long). My arm length measures at 22in and my chest is around 40in. My jacket length (measured at back) is preferred at 28.5in. I took a medium and it fit like a glove, at least the way that I like my shirts to fit. And I am quite picky. It was neither tight nor loose and truth be told I have a tiny beer bully which it hides quite well. It was almost as if the block they cut it from was made for me!

My only fear is if you are a tall medium, then the sleeves and length of the shirt might be a touch short. But at that point might be best to go for large as they are relatively slim cut through the waist.


The shirt is made from 100% cotton and from fabrics ‘made in Italy’ as the site quotes. And I don’t know what kind of cotton it is but it is probably one of the softest shirts that I have ever felt/worn. It literally feels like it is not there and that helps in hot places. As a Singaporean brand, and knowing what the humidity is like there, I imagine that this was part of their goal when they were creating it. The question would, therefore, be how does it feel in Winter? It is soft but strong. It feels good. It’s light. It’s what you want really when you are wearing a shirt. It feels like a t-shirt. It makes you think that dressing up can be comfortable like wearing nothing. And that is impressive. And this is not because I am writing this review, it is because it is true and makes me want every color they have now and throw away my other ones. True saying. And when you get yours, you will know what I am talking about.


They didn’t miss a trick here. From Mother of Pearl buttons to the red-stitch on the buttonholes and the hidden button-down collars, nothing went without thought. And that matters when making a quality product and setting yourself from the rest. The packaging was well thought out too and made of good quality plastic for initial travel. And the bag is good enough to keep for further travel if one was so inclined. Certainly not a throwaway. At $168 SGD (around $121 USD) I would say that it is a great deal. The only question is how well do they hold up? I have worn mine twice now (have it on as we speak) and still feels brand new!

For reference, I have the Medium size, in the Melange Blue.

Happy Shopping and a great weekend to all

-Justin FitzPatrick


P.S. Blue Seersucker suit by J.Mueser†

Details in the bottom of the shirt
Forgive the stupid face look!

4 thoughts on “Polo Shirt by Yeossal – The Review”


    Fantastic review, sir, and nice shirt indeed. Seems like you’ll now have to start a style section…!

  2. Appreciate the review and definitely think you should do more of them

    As for the shirt itself, there’s something off about the collar and button. Doesn’t really work for me

  3. I love to wear any dress in which I have luxury. I’m particularly interested in the occasion and the place I intend to wear a certain outfit.
    My clothes and styling are definitely discreet and decent. My biggest judge is always my reflection. Until I step into some dress, I have to take care not to look open because I’m a bit on the heavy side.

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