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All shoes by Jan Kielman
All shoes by Jan Kielman

Today has just been manic, only now getting 5 seconds to get to the computer. Don’t even know where the day went? Oh well, it happens. Anyway, to make up for lack up words, I will just give you some pictures of a few of Jan Kielman’sshoes, who is Poland’s most famous shoemaker. And he does a great value for money too, just search his name in my ‘search bar’ on the bottom right.

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3 thoughts on “Polish Shoemakers – Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It!”

  1. Well, I´ll be dammed! I will be in Poland this month, Warsaw, and I was just about to search “Warsaw” on your blog, when I realized: The newest post from you IS about Polish shoes! Thanks, I love the button boots. You opened up this window to me long ago, and now I am looking for these boots.

  2. Great shoes!

    At first sight I thoght: “Where’s the polish thing here?”, just to realize it was Polish…

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