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Pet Peeves In The Shoe Industry Part 5 -- The Size Guide

There is no such thing as a universal size guide. There is no such thing as always being a UK10 (unless you don’t care how your shoes fit and you only care about the #10). There is no such thing as concrete rules in shoe sizing. There is no such thing as an identical pair of shoes. Give up all these ideas that you ‘have to be something’ because you always have been or that because the size guide or salesmen with commission says so. Ask questions. Email people. Make informed decisions before buying online, or buying in general, as not to purchase blind then get the product and wonder why it’s too big or too small.

There are two trains of thought when it comes to the difference between UK and US sizing. One that a UK8 is a US9 and two that a UK8.5 is a US9. And usually, a UK41 can be a UK7 or UK7.5. Well, which one is right? Neither is wrong……that’s the tricky thing. It matters on the brand’s interpretation of their sizing. Let me say that again, IT MATTERS ON THE BRAND. If you are US9 and want to purchase a Gaziano & Girling, then you need their UK8.5. If you are US9 and want a Crockett & Jones, chances are you need their UK8. And now to really throw you off, if you are buying Carmina and take US9, well in the Simpson last you might need a UK8.5 while in the Rain last you will need a UK8. So you see, size guide smize guide. Make the email to be sure.

A last size is an interpretation. When I went to Spain to make my lasts, I asked them to make me a UK8 in E width. They made me what fit like a G width because that was THEIR interpretation of what an E width is. Each culture has people with different types of feet. Americans tend to have narrow, shallow feet. Europeans tend to have very high insteps. Africans have long, flat feet with girth. Asians short feet, broad in the forefoot, narrow in heel with girth and flat. Latinos tend to have shorter, broad feet and have very high insteps and the list goes on. It is what it is and to say that the size guide can take account for all of that is a mistake. It is a guide, not a fact.

Therefore, don’t make large purchases online believing something because it is written somewhere or some salesmen (from somewhere else) told you so. Email the company and try to ascertain as much information as you can to make an informed purchase. If you don’t, you ONLY have yourself to blame.

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