Patrick Frei Strikes Again

What I love about Patrick Frei is that he does not do ‘run of the mill’ footwear. Even if the model is plain, he adds a design quirk that differentiates it greatly. Whether it’s one line in the pattern, his unique shaped lasts that are almost always highly asymmetrical or, as in this case, a completely new and original design that has not ever been seen elsewhere. That takes us to his new ‘bridge shoe,’ as it is called.

At first glance, one might find this odd to the traditional standard of design on high-end footwear. But the most you look at it, I guarantee the more you appreciate it for that fact. Even the pattern quite rare and ‘different’, the execution of it is flawless and the shape of the top line to accentuate the bridge look leading to the heel counter is pure beauty. For me, Patrick’s design is electrifying and if I did not already own my shoe brand, I would definitely be saving up for a pair of his! I am always eager to see what he comes up with next as I know that even if I would not wear it, I will damn sure appreciate it and be wowed by the thought that went into it.

Patrick Frei Strikes Again

I can only hope that his level of design and creativity will inspire other young shoemakers and somehow works its way into a RTW brand. It would be absolutely refreshing to see more thought and creativity put into footwear and not see the same ‘ol shoes but at a lower price than the rest. It’s about time the industry starts gunning for more expensive, more quality, more details, more design, more artistic creativity, and less price-cutting, less copying, less trying to appease many of the unrealistic consumers of today brainwashed by the Amazon model. That’s now how the world really is, nor should it become.

The cheaper option should never replace the one with the most passion put into it. And Patrick Frei puts more passion than many. Believe that.

Patrick Frei Strikes Again


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