Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care

Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care

Dear Readers,

I am currently at my factory with not a lot of time to write but wanted to get something out for all of you, so please feast your eyes on some of the beautiful creations that Mr. Alexander Nurulaeff of Dandy Shoe Care is able to achieve with a bit of dye, passion and creativity!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care

13 thoughts on “Patinas in the House by Dandy Shoe Care”

  1. I recently commissioned 3 pairs with Alexander and I was absolutely amazed by his talent … for example his “Pomegranate” version of my basic Edetal’s … Thanks for the post Justin!

    1. Andre – those are absolutley fantastic! More bold than I am able to pull off for daily wear, but I am delighted that shoes so vibrant and beautiful are worn by others.

      1. RogerP you would be surprised, the Church’s are actually a dark navy blue with green hues … easy to wear but so different from your everyday colours; Alexander can really pull it off and also rejuvenate your favourite pair!

  2. Alexander Nurulaeff

    A special thanks to my dear friend Justin FitzPatrick – The Shoe Snob.

    He is a person that I appreciate very much for his creative and entrepreneurial skills. I have great respect for professionals, who invest everything ih High Quality doing their jobs with passion and seriousness, like I do.

    I take this opportunity to thank all the many customers of Dandy Shoe Care!

  3. Terrific work – the first two pairs in particular really do it for me. These are the EG double monks that Mr. Nurulaeff did for me (assuming I get the pic to upload). They were a plain, flat ‘Maple” or light tan. Now they rock.

  4. For the Love of Shoes

    The green pair is amazing, love the color and the style. Who was the original manufacturer of the shoes? They should hire you!

    1. there are two green pairs. The latter is Septieme Largeur, the first I cannot say for sure…. but why should they hire me?

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