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Patina Your Chukka Boots

I think that most people wear suede chukka boots, as opposed to calfskin ones. I have 6 pairs myself and they all in suede but one, the green pair, shown below. I had never thought about getting a chukka boot in calfskin, until recently. Since teaming up with Greg Park aka Hancore and offering a patina service in my NYC shop, not only to my customers at J.FitzPatrick Footwear but in general to all people (as it’s really Greg’s service and he will patina any leather good), I have been fortunate enough to have opened my eyes even more so to the world of patina. And in doing so have seen some very cool patina options on a few pairs of chukkas, and even got one myself. It started to make me think that I need to get a few more pairs, but all in calfskin and with some unique patinas and I find myself quite intrigued by them now.

With chukka boots, the patina artist has to be extra creative as the two-piece distinct separation of the pattern — front and back — makes the flow a little more challenging than your traditional 4-5 piece oxford. The light tan pair with the almost black like burnish was quite interesting as it created a really interesting design with the patina that almost alters the look of the chukka. And that is the beauty and creativity that comes out. That is what I like about patina. It allows creativity to really flourish, providing the artist doesn’t block it.

Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka BootsPatina Your Chukka Boots

So, now I have a new issue at hand: the desire to patina my chukkas. The wife will kill me as we are up to our eyeballs with my shoes in our small Manhattan apartment. Time to go to the ‘burbs and get some space!

On a serious note, Greg Park is a young guy with really only 5 years under his belt doing patina, but IMHO is up there with the best and I can only imagine will get even better. It is fun to see what he does with customers’ shoes. Sometimes, I wish that I had all day just to take photography and post his stuff. I have seen him turn the ugliest shoes into something wearable. And that is a skill in itself.

Remember, his service is welcome to all shoes and all brands and in reality all leather goods. But as this post is speaking on chukkas, mayby take stock of your chukka pairs and see if they need some extra life added. And if you only have suede versions like I did before, take a look at our JF line sale that has just put the tan pair down to $206 and is the perfect base to create a patina on (all of these pairs came from that).

Tan Chukkas at $206 –

More about the patina service Greg offers –


Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka Boots Patina Your Chukka Boots

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