Other Great Shoe Blogs
Edward Green shoes patina’d by Dandy Shoe Care

As much as I would love to reign over the shoe world, I can’t deny that there are other great shoe blogs out there, ones that I also take inspiration from. As I am not a greedy man, I thought that I would share them with you in the hopes to give you something more to look at when I am lacking in getting stuff out there. So here they are:

  1. Shoegazing – Jesper is the shoe king of Sweden. His blog posts go far more in depth than I do (or pretty much anyone for that matter). If you really want to shoe-out, read his blog. In English and Swedish.
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Maftei for Shoegazing
  1. Bespoke-Makers – If you fancy seeing crazy cool bespoke shoes by Japanese makers, then this is your site as it is full of greatness from Japan (among other places)
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Il Quadrifoglio boots, courtesy of Bespoke Makers
  1. Claymoor’s List – For the most in-depth posts with regular posting on all things shoes (multiple times daily), amongst a plethora of photos, head to Claymoor’s List to discover everything there is about shoes.
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Silvano Lattanzi courtesy of Claymoor’s List
  1. Dandy Shoe Care – To see the most elegant of shoe patina shoes (as is shown in the main photo as well as below) then get here on a daily basis. Not only does he show his own work but is one of the most generous re-tweeter/sharer of other people’s work too.
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Patina courtesy of Dandy Shoe Care
  1. The Shoemaker World – Someone who exploded onto the scene just a year or two ago, originally talking just about shoes, has since opened up to speaking on not only menswear but life in general, with great photography and content. Available in English and Spanish.
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Dimitri Gomez shoes courtesy of The Shoemaker World
  1. Erikged – An Instagram phenomenon, Erik rose to fame by taking immaculate shots of his own personal footwear, with super high shines on super nice shoes with amazing backgrounds and settings.
Other Great Shoe Blogs
Antonio Meccariello shoes courtesy of Erikged

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