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Parisian shoe brand Orban’s, which specializes in economically welted footwear, has just a new collection of footwear aimed at a more rugged appeal. Using Charles F Stead ‘Waxy Commander’ leather, this waterproof material is ideal for more rugged use or even so, just for city living that one might often find themselves consistently outside in harsh weather environments. If you have been to Paris, you know that people are often ‘out’. Whether riding their bike, scooter, or on foot, the average Parisian is far more exposed to the weather than many others are. So this collection makes sense for a city like Paris, London, even NYC, and many others.

Like most greased leathers, you find them often a little heavier, but super soft once broken in. It’s often hard to imagine if not familiar with grease-impregnated leather, but these are often more pliable and comfortable than their calfskin counterpart. However, Orban’s thought of their weight and paired all of these models with a lightweight commando sole to counteract their heaviness on the whole.

But even better than their functionality is their pricing. The shoes are only €195 and the boots at €225. And that is a European price, which means for those that live outside the EU, you are actually paying 20% less than that! Hard to beat for a solid welted shoe made with British leather.

Grab your pair here:

2 thoughts on “Orban’s New Waxy Commander Line”

  1. Yikes! Upon seeing the photo first up, I thought this was an advertisement for another shoe cleaning kit. Horrified to see that it is an option for an alternate trend. If I saw someone wearing footwear like this, I’d be chasing them with some Saphir products. Respectfully I understand that there out there that like this look, but I am all about nourishment, protection and shine.

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