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Shoe Design


The shoe design coming from TYE Shoemaker is out of this world good. The subtle details and line changes in the pattern are so meticulously thought out and executed that it leaves one wondering who is the person behind it? Are they designed-trained or is this just natural. If natural, not only does my hat tip to them but in all sincerity, I simply bow down in awe of their greatness. That is how great I see their shoe design capabilities, especially when coupled with their shoemaking skills which are easily among the best in the industry, without question.


Shoe Design


I have only been able to appreciate their shoes once in person, at Kevin Seah in Singapore who often hosts trunk shows at this shop there. Lucky for all of you who live on that side of the world. If only they would come to NYC as I would love to meet the team that creates such beauties and be able to shake their hands.


Shoe Design


Shoe design is not an easy thing in terms of recreating existing ideas but with your own twist. And the idea is always easier than the execution as we can often think of something interesting but making its pattern is another story altogether and that is where the challenge comes in. But TYE manages to make shoe design and shoemaking look easy and seamless. That is what makes them so good and for me one of the most interesting makers the world has ever known. Truly.

There are few Instagram channels I actually seek out, but as the algorithm is always showing me what I don’t want to see, I frequently seek them out and that is saying something!

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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      These are bespoke so you can get any size you want. But you would have to travel to Japan to get them, that is the main issue.

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