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Next Level Combo's at Aubercy

Aubercy hit it close to the heart with this beautiful boot that takes me back to my first collection when I was utilizing a lovely Blackwatch tartan that I actually got from Paris. This combo is super cool and while most likely too bold for many, it is actually right up my style alley! And that is what I love about Aubercy; their lack of fear for pushing the envelope and sometimes just downright destroying the envelope!

This is among their latest and greatest and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with utilizing this lovely cloth. The thing about Blackwatch is that it has a million and one variations and many are not so attractive. There is an art to making those lines the right proportions as well as the colors. It might sound like rubbish but if you have seen as many variations as I have you will understand. That is why when that cloth ran out, I never reintroduced Blackwatch to my collection as finding a perfect one is not easy as one might think.

I love that this one is a calvary twill. That is among my favorite styles of cloth as it is durable and maintains its shape. I only wish we had a full shot of this gentleman and his entire outfit. That would be cool. I imagine this being a 3 piece suit!

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Next Level Combo's at Aubercy

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