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Brand new Crockett & Jones, $440 shipped to the US.

There are a couple of very cool new models on The Marketplace. In fact, there a lot of cool new models on the there, but I am here to highlight the most recent which I think have some very good prices, value for money and which might entice many of you (if you think like me 🙂

There is so much more available if you are willing to sift through all of the shoes, most easily done by selecting makers you wish to see and then finding your size. For example, if you tick Carmina under the brand section, you will find 13 of them there listed (this might differ depending on your shipping location as you will only see ones available based on whether the seller chooses to ship to your location).

For those of you looking to get into a high end brand but cannot afford it’s usual retail price, The Marketplace is the way to go. Sometimes you can find brand new stuff at incredible prices. Sometimes the shoes have been worn once. Either way, if you have the time and fancy seen what’s there, I implore you to look as you just might find your diamond in the rough

Happy Shopping!

G&G boots, well worn with new sole. $750

Kanpekina, barely worn. $345

Vass, barely worn. $450

Vass, barely worn. $450

Vass, brand new, $575

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