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Introducing The Shoe Snob’s video guide on how to Polish Your Shoes Properly.

All products used can be purchased from The Shoe Snob Shop. Any questions please feel free to post in the comments below…

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

18 thoughts on “New Polish Your Shoes Properly Video”

  1. Thank you, this is the best video tutorial for shoe shining that I have seen. Major improvement. Extra points for the comprehensive steps, and for the quality of picture.

  2. Thank you very much for this video ! I do agree with markpotato, it is the best video ever for shoe shining.
    I have a question for you since you use a color cream before using wax. I thought it made difficult for the wax to stick on the shoe. Is that correct ?

    1. thank you. As per your question, no not if you allow it to sit into the leather and then brush it out

  3. Bravo JFP this is excellent. Do you have any tips for brogueing? I find that the holes (especially on the toe) end up getting clogged with wax.

    1. yes, when putting your fingers down, always place them on the smooth part of the leather and then go over the brogueing…and don’t use too much polish

    1. unfortunately it was custom made and I cannot get the info in regards to the man that made it. Apparently he was a very old artisan who did it as a favor….

    1. depends really….normally I will always use a bit of mink oil as to not build up too much wax without conditioning…

  4. Thanks JFP! This is great stuff.

    Quick question: How do you avoid filling up the toe perfs (brogueing etc) with polish? I always end up having to pick it out with a paperclip and it’s a huge pain.

  5. phenomenon? which one was that? The shoes were already clean and while I really like the video I can’t say that the shoes were not that shiny at the end….

  6. Thanks for the great video. Any advice on how to treat a shoe before actually polishing it so that no leftover buildup of previous wax would get in the way?

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