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For those that may have missed it, G&G has finally opened a shop in their native London (really Kettering and Norwich, but London for proximity’s sake). Instead of plopping one down on the obvious Jermyn st., they instead went for the tailor’s street: the ever-famous Savile Row (my old stomping grounds). It’s been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier for them as they can now easily serve so many of their local clients as well as all of the many tourists who come looking for English made shoes, many times specifically for G&G only have been previously disappointed with the fact that they could not leave with anything. But it’s all over now and it’s now smooth sailing for the still young brand (not even 10 years yet).


G&G Lamport G&G Strand
On another note, G&G have also created some new models to celebrate the occasion of the store opening, as well as the welcoming of our beautifully wet Spring season here in England! It’s always nice to see what they come up with and I must say that as one would quite possibly guess on his own, I am particularly fond of the balmoral boot and this swan next oxford above. And to top it off, G&G are doing a US tour trunk show just in time to order these beautiful new shoes. First stop is San Francisco, held at Wilkes Bashford, on Fri/Sat May 30th-31st. Second stop is NYC at the wonderful shop of Leffot, held Mon/Tues, June 2nd-3rd.

Happy Shopping!

G&G Chesterfield G&G Tavistock G&G Montand G&G Montand II

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