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It’s always a pleasure to see a new brand come out with ideas of greatness and not simply to sell off a million cheap shoes that claim to be well made. The market has simply become far too saturated with garbage and it is now refreshing to see someone doing it for the love of the shoes/quality and not for the love of a quick buck. I mean, we all want to get paid sure, in any job, but doing so knowing that you are truly giving value is a great feeling and I believe that at least from what I see in pictures, Santa Mercede shoe company is making a great quality product that I can at least stand behind.

I was particularly intrigued by two of their shoes: 1. The bit loafer and 2. The Kilty Strap loafer in blue suede/tan grain. The bit loafer was the one that really got me as it was the first time that I was actually truly attracted to a big loafer which in reality is not my thing. Too many years peddling the classic Gucci bit loafer which I find tremendously ugly, to say the least. But this one intrigued me greatly. It’s blend of suede with the alligator strap, on a sleek welted sole and a slightly more elongated last really made it so that all of these details came so harmoniously together to create a perfect bit loafer, for me at least!

The kilty strap loafer has always been a favorite of mine. Come to think of it, I don’t know why I have never made myself a pair. Maybe one day. But I really liked this one. The lasts they used, combined with the very fine finishing of the sole, really sets their loafers apart from what else is out there. And I only just realized now that they only offer loafers which is quite unusual but respectable as it would appear that they are trying to ‘specialize’ in something. And for me they are doing a good job. But it also leaves me curious to see how well they would do an oxford or derby?

Anyway, happy to have discovered yet another brand via Instagram and look forward to seeing what they do next!

–Fun fact: Brand is Italian, based in Japan at the moment and have production in both countries. Read more about it HERE.

–Specialize in Hand welted but also offer goodyear and blake constructions







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