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Navy Grain Boot by Crockett & Jones


So I have finally managed to find a few seconds of spare time on my North American Tour and thought that I would share with you a great looking winter boot that Crockett & Jones just recently released fot their A/W2013 collection. What really intrigued me was the fact that it was a navy grain, something that you really dont see too often. Being the sucker that I am for the color blue, you can imagine how I felt when I first saw it: mainly jealousy for selfish reasons but then happiness for the fact that someone used it and thus made it accessible for all of you! It’s been good to see C&J push the boundaries with their offerings these last few years. Really good to see a classic company breaking the mold and will be curious to know what they will be doing in 5 years. I am sure that these will be a seasonal offering, which means that they won’t be around forever so if you, like me, fancy them then I would suggest that you put a move on getting your pair in!

On another note, today marks the first day of my introduction to North America so if you have not alreday heard, come see me today or totomorow at Leatherfoot in Toronto, Canada or at Leffot in NYC on the 21st!

Navy Grain Boot by Crockett & Jones
My line up at Leatherfoot


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