My Shoes #7 – Stefano Bemer Suede Chukka’s

My Shoes #7 - Stefano Bemer Suede Chukka's

When it comes to boots there is nothing better than a brown suede chukka boot. It’s versatility is unparalleled, it’s look is timeless and it’s range, for time-of-year wear-ability, is the longest within the boot realm. This pair here, by Stefano Bemer, is my pride and joy. It has been through many different seasons, seen many different terrains and even been worn with outfits as casual as jeans and a polo all the way to pairing with suits. It is the perfect boot. Out of all my shoes, I can probably say that I have worn this more than any. While I always tell you that you need this and you need that, in all honesty, if you were to get yourself one shoe for it’s practicality and versatility, I would have to give the brown suede chukka boot the highest vote, no joke!! I truly enjoy mine and can’t wait to get another pair sometime down the road.

My Shoes #7 - Stefano Bemer Suede Chukka's
My Shoes #7 - Stefano Bemer Suede Chukka's

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