My Shoes #23 – Carreducker Winkers

My Shoes #23 - Carreducker Winkers

I just recently acquired a pair of the ‘Winkers resort shoe‘ by Carreducker, and man do I like them. They are just so different from your normal kick-around . As you can see, they are not made from your ordinary materials. They are made by Harris . And being such a sucker for made with fabrics, as opposed to leather, I have been eye-balling them for awhile now. Being that the sun is such a rare commodity here in , I went for a color that could be easily worn in all seasons.Plus, gray is a win-win anyway, it’s just so versatile.

You see me here wearing them in a kind of -casual way, but I have to say, that they did not go that great with my outfit. For me, they fit much more the jean look or something a little bit more casual in the upper area. Not to say that my outfit was not good, but there could have been a better representation of wear these. I just don’t always have time to ask people to snap photos of me when I am wearing my best , so sometimes I have to just settle with what I decided to throw together during my morning rush. When I start my line (which looks like it could be very soon), I can get a PA and have them do it!

Anyway, if you have been looking for something different to put on your , the winkers are a great direction, as they are fun, comfortable and unique!

Enjoy your weekend,

-Justin, “The

My Shoes #23 - Carreducker WinkersMy Shoes #23 - Carreducker Winkers

My Shoes #23 - Carreducker Winkers

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