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My Shoes #18 – My 2nd Bespoke Pair

These were the second pair of shoes that I ever made for myself and are by far my absolute favorite pair out of every single shoe I own. What I love about them (apart from being saddles) is that they pretty much sum up 1000% my individual style: classic with a modern twist. If you were to get a preview of how the shoes of my future shoe line were going to be, this would be the top model! Not only do I find them incredible stylish, unique and elegant but they are extremely versatile. I can wear them with black suits, gray suits and even though I am against the black shoes/navy suit combo, I would even wear this with a navy suit. And the reason being is because that bit of red helps to separate the black and navy, allowing it to have some contrast between those dark colors and not looking like some bland blend. That being, it only makes me think why more companies don’t come up with something of this sort: classic with a modern twist!!

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