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For those of you that have been reading my blog for a long time, you will have undoubtedly heard me ranting and raving about the lack of wholecut loafers on offer within the shoe industry. Instead, every loafer on offer seems to have an apron stitch, some tassels or the penny strap across the vamp. But rarely do you see a nice wholecut loafer without anything other than a medallion or even completely clean…..Because this bothered me, I clearly decided to do something about it and therefore designed one so that all of you whom shared this anguish with me, could soon be relieved! And here we are my friends, in the flesh and nearly ready to start being affixed to your feet. Here you can see it black box calf and to accompany it, will be a version in a very vibrant burgundy (one that has been getting much attention at my display at Selfridges), as well as a lovely mocha chocolate brown. Get your wallets ready my friends, as this beauty will only cost you a whopping 305!

7 thoughts on “My Future Bestsellers! – J.FitzPatrick Wholecut Loafers”

  1. Hi Justin must say we are all looking forward to this launch of yours. I have not been reading your blog since the start. Probably around 7-8 months (and have been able to pop in to g&h to get some polish) but can clearly see how much you have put into this range, and However calm and enthusiastic you are on the blog I’m sure there has been one hell of a stressful time behind the scenes.

    I have seen a lot of the range develop and whilst I’m not a fan of everything you have in your range (don’t be offended by that, my fav brands are c&j & cheaney and dislike a lot of what they sell) there are some fantastic looking whole cuts and caps. My fab being the tan.

    As someone who does have to save for his shoe purchases for several months and usually spend about your price point I am definitely a target customer and looking forward to trying them on. It will take a bit of persuading to get me away from my trusted brands as some people who read this will do too. I justify the cost of my shoes with the longevity argument so I hope the quality will be equal to cj etc. if they do then we could be looking at one of those “best kept secrets’ of the shoe world…..

  2. Beautiful. Unfortunately I fear there may be several of your shoes I want, and the choice for which to buy first will be very difficult! These are definitely on the list, though. Balmoral boot is probably top; just waiting to see the colours. And I do have a weakness for spectators…

    Anyway, well done Justin, and I look forward to the next installment!

    Quick question: international shipping rates?

  3. Adam Jones – First and foremost, thank you for all your kind words. I am always happy for the support and appreciative to anyone who appreciates my efforts. And don’t worry, I don’t offend that easily and certainly don’t expect anyone but me to like every shoe I have designed….it’s like enjoying a musician’s entire album. It happens every now and then but more often then not, even your favorite musician will makes songs that you don’t like.

    I will look forward to you coming in, trying them on and having a chat about whether or not they will be worth the pricepoint…. just know that I have worked hard to make sure that they are a good product for the money.

    Thanks for sharing Adam.

    Hair Extensions Brisbane – Thank you.

    Alex B – Glad to hear it my friend!! Don’t know shipping rates yet….not looking forward to figuring it out either, as I am sure that they will be unfortunately high, as I will want to insure….


  4. Most charge about 20-ish. Some use DHL or UPS, but I guess to do so at that rate requires a certain amount of volume to get the discount. But others use EMS (booked through the Post Office), which as a receiver I’ve found perfectly acceptable, and is still insured and trackable.

    So I’m expecting no BS from you, young man. Once I’ve got my eye-watering discount, then the VAT off, I’m not expecting more than 25 in postage, you hear me?


  5. Alex B – Believe me, I hate paying for shipping so I will do my best to get the best possible price that I can…but yes remember that I will be small and won’t have great shipping rates from constant large volume orders that big companies get from doing big business….


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